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Your alternative to stained glass.

Welcome to Colors on Glass we are glad you stopped by our web site!

"Colors on Glass" is what is called "GLASS OVERLAY". The art of overlaying
designs and colors. Paints and plastics on regular glass or different textured glass
create the magic. The magic at Colors on Glass started 17 years ago. It was my own creation. This is a unique form of expressing your own inspiration. We can put your design on glass or create one for you. The different textures and finishes give you the privacy or transparency desired.

This alternative to stained glass can be used either inside or outside to add to
the decor.

The price of this product is about 75% more economical than leaded glass and in
some instances it provides the freedom to do more intricate designs.
Projects in this medium have been created and finished for churches to

Our biggest one piece of glass so far is:
Michael Angelo's
48" x 118"
With dichro glass incrustations.

We also sandblast and carve glass.
We hope to create that unique one of a kind design that adds just the right touch
to the space where you live or work.

Juan P. Rodriguez

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