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Your alternative to stained glass.

This is a small sample of some of the Art we have created for our customers. Please email us with your specifications and requirements or for more information on our products. If you would like to purchase any of our products please call 915 532-2131 to arrange payment and shipping.


Title: Moons in Blues
Source: Original design
Size: 42" x 45" symmetrical
Framed in mahogany wood,
bright colors, one of a kind.
Manufactured on glass.

Moons in Blues
Religious Theme ««

Title: Religious Theme
Source: Original design
Size: 60" x 72" vertical position	
Sitting on light box, fluorescent
Chapel Columbia west hospital,
El Paso, Tex.
Manufactured on plexi-glass.


Title: Wings
Source: Original design
Size: 48" diameter	
Framed on pinewood with
sandblasted & stained color
Speaking Rock Casino, Wings
Restaurant, El Paso, Tex.

Horned Eagle ««

Title: Horned Eagle
Source: Original design
Size: 48" diameter	
Framed in pinewood, with
sandblasted & color washed
Manufactured on glass,
sitting on premises.


Title: Colonial Chandelier
Source: Original design
Size: 66" diameter, false
ceiling installation
Brass color framing with
fluorescent lighting.
Delicious mesa restaurant,
El Paso, Tex.
Manufactured on plexi-glass.

Colonial Chandelier
Art Noveau Ribbons ««

Title: Art Noveau Ribbons
Source: Original design
Size: 46" x 80", two piece
Jacuzzi window
Set up against double pane
tampered glass.
Smooth finish inside, easy
cleaning & safe decoration.
Private residence, Juarez,
Chihuahua Mexico.


Title: One of Mucha's Girls
Source: Mucha's creation
Size: 36" x 66" vertical position	
Oak wood frame, face of a private
Manufactured on glass.

One of Mucha's Girls
Colonial Ambience ««

Title: Colonial Ambience
Source: Original design
Size: 32" x 47", oval pattern	
Framed in oak wood, manufactured on glass.
Sitting in Juan Gabriel's orphanage home.
Juarez, Chihuahua.


Source: Original design

Muchas Girl ««

Title: Muchas Girls
Source: Original design
Size: 36 x 66 oak frame


Title: The Boxer
Source: Original design
Size: 48 x 84 oak frame


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